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Today’s quote: “Everything is figure-out-able!”
Debbie Steinberg Kuntzfrom Bright and Quirky

“Everything is figure-out-able!”  This is so true!  Parenting is not instant coffee or drive by food, it is a journey of ups and downs, as well as learning curves.   When we come face to face with a new challenge, it is hard to think that it is “figure-out-able”, but as we start to do research and talk to other parents in similar boats, we actually figure it out!  And when the challenge comes to visit again, we know what to do or how to adjust the previous solution to the current moment.   We also learn grit as in the harsh moments of life, we develop grit!  We also become shared-experience-hope to fellow parents who just come to face the challenge we have already unlocked and mastered.  Sometimes we are in the storm and sometimes we are the rainbow during somebody else’s parenting-storm.   But most certainly is “everything is figure-out-able!” 


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