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Adventures into 2E-ness with a parent’s heartbeat, one step at a time!

2E-ness = neurobiological high potential + challenges.

Parenting from Pluto

 the Blog/Vlog that aims to inform and educate about neurobiological differences as well as about 2E-ness.

It is NOT to replace medical/educational consultation. It is rather to INFORM!
You still need to talk to your medical/educational practitioner who you consult on these matters!

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Parent from a place of rest!

Parents (Dad’s and Moms!), step back, breathe, gather all the information you can and need, process the information, PRAY and then move forward to the next step confidently in the “best interests of YOUR child” with His guidance! Do not let the Departement of education or any member (professional or other wise) of society bully you into …

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