The Masters!

These are Masters and Memberships we highly recommend you to follow and or to join.

(just a side note – these people don’t claim to be Masters (experts) – but in our eyes, they are!
Also – all the masters have different religious backgrounds – it is their choice to express it through their work.
It does not necessarily reflect our or the reader’s religion/view.
Hear/read their work and apply it to your life through your own religious understanding and beliefs –
we are not here to change anyone’s beliefs. )
Learn more about Neurobiological Differences and Twice Exceptionalities (2e) 

Nobody knows it all, not even Masters! 
Collectively they bring experience and knowledge we all need to learn and grow!
Click on the image or icon’s below to visit their links.

The first row is our personal TOP 3 Masters – the rest of the Masters is added as we are able to obtain their Social + Web trails, not in a specific order of importance. 

The Bright & Quirky

founded by Debbie Steinberg Kuntz

Dr. Susan Baum Ph.D

Author, Specialist Education Consultant +++

Dr. Dan Peters Ph.D

Licensed Psychologist, Author, and +++

Dr. Ross Greene

Clinical Child Psychologist and Author

Dr. Mona Delahooke

Clinical Psychologist, Speaker & Author

Prof. Stuart Shanker

Philosophy & Psychology - Self-Reg®

Lives in the Balance

Dr. Ross Greene

Seth Perler

Executive Function, ADHD & 2e Coach

Dayna Abraham

Calm the Chaos Parenting

Colleen Kessler

Gifted Specialist | Author | Speaker | Podcaster

Michelle Younghusband

C Kids Thrive

Kristy Forbes

Autism & ND Support Specialist

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