Parenting from Pluto!

1 2 3 Liftoff! Parenting from Pluto!

1 2 3 liftoff already – parenting from Pluto! So, Lemon2Lemonade became too heavy with passion directions and sometimes caused confusion.  Thus I had to cut the tree in two parts.  Lemon2Lemonade is been replanted and will heal in hibernation till 2022.


Parenting from Pluto, the splinter off portion; recovered and well as you can see …

1 2 3 liftoff already – Pluto-parenting, YES!

The apple you will see on our posts indicates the fact that we collect information and or educate on parenting differently wired kids!   The space shuttle lifting off indicates that we have lifted off and the information is now in YOUR hands  – make it grow, make it count – come back with feedback so that we in turn can grow too!!

So if you ever felt alone and isolated in parenting, still having your hand in your hair after reading all the parenting books in the world – know that you are not alone and simply Pluto-parenting!! Come join our Pluto-parenting club and adventures into neurobiological differences &  2e-ness with us!

Parenting from Pluto is a flow of diffabilities that needs a plan B to fall back on – well, in fact, a plan C, D and E too!  We zig-zag through it and often circle back again: worked yesterday, but not today and might work again tomorrow – who knows, but we parent together in our Pluto-parenting styles!  United we stand – parenting we must!


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and of course, give us feedback in the comments section below!  That will help us grow and we will appreciate you!

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